04 July 2009

New Human Energy Fields - Golden HEART Aura & Golden Soul

This information was channeled; directly from Arch Angel Michael, the Angel Protector of All Humans

(Excerpt From June/July Newsletter - Special Updates for Subscribers of Metaphysical Institute to Subscribe and receive a free gift.)

“As this newsletter goes out to you who had the insight to subscribe, you are witness to an event that is unique in Human existence. The Creator of All That Is has chosen Ian Stone & Diana Gilbert, two ordinary people with no formal scientific qualifications to bring to all humanity a system of healing and a way of instilling values into all humanity.

The last time this action was taken was when Jesus Christ died upon the Cross, and rose again 3 days later to give all humanity a path to Salvation.

At 11 PM Melbourne time on 29 June 2009, HEART Healing and other important changes, were, bestowed to all Humanity; that Ever Was, Is or Will Be. This was only possible from work started by Ian Stone some two and half years ago.

The progression of Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments can only be described; as nothing more than brilliant. Under the guidance and constant communication with The Creator, a System developed that had real merit and possibilities to address the problems and challenges facing your Earth and its diverse Human population.

You are all aware of the problems facing Human existence on Earth, burgeoning healthcare costs with little real result; constant wars and conflicts between nations and religious beliefs; climate change and potential shortage of fossil fuels into the future. A population; both growing in numbers and divided between those with little material wealth and those with too much.

The Creator, in All His Wisdom, found a solution to address all these issues; using the HEART Healing System, which at first looked like only being one solution to address the Heath issues. However, Ian Stone & Dianna Gilbert, by using their unique Human attributes and ingenuity, created a HEART System to guide all Humanity, not only through these challenges, but also to become the basis for overcoming the challenges of All Souls into the future.

Within three days of the above date all Souls on Earth will have been bestowed the Golden HEART Aura and Golden Soul, Energy Fields which are added to those you already posses. All new Souls and Physical Beings throughout the Universe and Beyond will also have these two new energy fields added to their existing structure”

End of Transmission