25 November 2009

Finding Soul Mate Love: By Diana Gilbert

When it comes to matters of the heart, nothing can compete with finding one’s true ‘Love Soul Mate’. To the romantics among us, Soul Mate Love is the very essence of existence. But even with all of our personal evolvement, spiritual knowledge and high-tech communication of the 21st century, finding that special ‘one’ remains highly elusive.

There is only one soul mate for each of us, only one true ‘other half’ that is the perfect match in each and every way: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your Soul Mate might be living near or far, at the opposite end of the globe even, but if it is ‘meant to be’ an opportunity to become known to each other will open. Even if he or she is of different background or culture, different age or even in other relationship at the time. And it is quite possible that your paths have already crossed.

But just getting the opportunity to meet your Soul Mate may not be enough. Both of you will need to be ready to receive and welcome the other into their mind, heart and spirit as otherwise the connection may not take place, or worse still, the relationship might fail. Unresolved issues, either from this or past lives, may prevent one or both of you from fully and unreservedly surrendering to your love and to each other. Previous relationships, especially if they broke your heart, might make it hard to open your soul and truly immerse in this most intense eternal love.

River Seine, Paris from the Eifel Tower

But if you are ready and your path leads you there, once you recognize the other as your Soul Mate this love is so strongly desired by the Soul that often nothing can stop you from following the call of your heart. The love you feel for your Soul Mate makes you feel more complete than ever before and you may quickly realize that this is what you have been looking for all your life. And as the Souls connect, so our ego experiences a spark of unconditional love, often for the first time ever.

This Soul Love is so powerful that, once experienced, you cannot even think about ever again living without him or her. This may sometimes require major life changes, but if ready for each other the Soul mates will do whatever is needed to be together. And once they are together in true love, this mating is for all eternity.

Soul Mates are happiest when physically close and will spend many hours doing tasks jointly or working alongside each other, sharing as many moments as possible. The depth of Love is such that to be apart even for a day is a hardship; it is as if their hearts literally hurt when they are separated from each other.

Being in a Soul Mate relationship is uniquely wonderful and fulfilling as everything about the connection is ‘just right’. Regardless of the activity or the location, the mere fact that they are together fills their every day with joyous moments. Their physical appearances are irrelevant as they are strongly and passionately attracted to each other, loving each other’s features even in the face of imperfections that to others might appear quite ordinary or even unsightly. They appear to be simply ‘made for each other’. Even their sexual connection, the ultimate expression of their physical union, is one of total compatibility where one’s wildest fantasy is the other’s perfect dream.

The Eiffel Tower early summer evening,
Paris, France - The City of Love

Soul Mates share many personality traits that even if quite unusual or ‘odd’ to others will be perfectly ‘normal’ and acceptable to each other. This enables them to understand and support each other fully, and enjoy a most harmonious and content relationship.

They will also have many common preferences when it comes to life style, principles, interests and beliefs, or even foods and possessions – they are on the same ‘wave-length’. For example, not only will they both often like the same foods but will also like them prepared and cooked the same way. In a soul mate relationship one would rarely need to ask the other what they would like to have for tea!

The very few differences between them serve only to complement each other even more. There is an old saying that ‘opposites attract’ but it is the harmony of the two Soul Mate halves that provides lasting love and happiness.
It is the most powerful type of love possible for a couple. Their union completes them both individually and jointly, and living with their Soul Mate makes every moment of every day feel like Heaven on Earth.

With Love
Ian Stone – Metaphysician & Creator of
DIY Automatic HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
Metaphysical Institute


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post this sound fantastic. I wish I could find my Soul Mate.

How do you know if you are with your Soul Mate?


Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Hi Graham,

They are good questions.

We can help you to identify who your Soul Mate is, particulary if you are in a relationship or want to know if a particular person is your Soul Mate.

We will check if your Soul Mate is on earth at this time and give you an idea of their location

We can also check your Destiny path and your Soul Mates, to see if you are Destined to meet during this life time.

With our HEART Energy Healing we also have special Healing Services for Soul Mates

So contact us directly at http://www.metaphysicalinstitute.org go to the Contacts page

With Love
Ian Stone

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