20 May 2009

I have never heard of angels being a bad thing or that they attach themselves to you. Can you explain that a little more?

This is an excellent question, there are many types of Angels many more than I know about, most are helpful Spirit Beings that come from the 5th Plain of Existence and do may great and helpful works. There is some information see the section Guardian Angels

The Angels I refer to in the first few sections of the Spirit & Ghost page on the website are the Spirit Angels like Ghost and Spirits, are the Spiritual or Souls of people who have died and not departed within the 9 day period available to them. Then they become trapped in the Earth Realm.

I would not describe them as bad and they are only looking for help, although they do affect us because when they are in our Aura Field we can feel disturbed or even take on some of their programs, as this is where many of our learned programs are stored. Thing like how we learned to walk and talk etc.

As these Spirit Angels like Ghost and Spirits are basically a cross section of the general population some are very positive and helpful others are misguided and can lead you astray, most of the information is on the site in the Spirits an Ghost page.

About the HEART Energy Healing, you could say I did develop HEART Energy Healing System from inspiration and information from The Creator of All That Is; although in reality I am just the receiver of the message and this is still a work in progress.

Information is coming almost daily and is often detailed or summarized in Newsletter Updates Subscribe not all goes on the web site. All new information is automatically updated to HEART Healers and to those receiving the Auto HEART Healing Program

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I read this because I thought it was saying Angels were bad but it didn't say this at all