26 April 2009

Health Care of the Future is Here Now

As we more forward the integration of Spiritual knowledge and the Truth about Human Life Energy Fields will change forever the way Health Care is diagnosed and dispensed. This Health Care of the Future is here now.

Modern Heath Care is running into serious difficulties because of the continuing failure of modern antibiotics to control the spread and life threatening affects of viruses and bacteria. These viruses and bacteria are looming as a catastrophic problem which will ensure, that simple but specific Energy Healing methods now beginning to emerge, that can simply expel these and many other similar organisms from the body with no use of medications, will become widely accepted.

Secondly Prevention is the key to future Health Care. As all diseases, illnesses and other mental and physical health ailments show up as disturbances within the Human Life Energy Fields before they manifest within the physical body or mind, they can be corrected simply and cheaply before this manifestation takes place, thus eliminating these ill effects.

Thirdly Genetic Defects passed down though the physical biological parentage, can now be altered with simple but specific methods, so that these defects are not passed on to future generations. Russian Scientists have researched changes to DNA and by modulating certain frequency sound patterns on a laser ray, they are able to influence DNA frequency and genetic information. Part of their discovery is that simple words and phrases can work just as well as laser beams. Man can literally reprogram his genetic blueprint through words, this is now a reality.

Fourthly with the removal of many of the Human Life Energy blocks and disturbances, particularly those from within the Soul, of more and more of the physical population, this will cause a raising of collective human consciousness in an exponential way to create, extraordinary changes to both human values and our Earth.

We are privileged and you should be excited to be both a witness and to experience these changes now, and as they unfold over the next 20 to 30 years. And some of you will remember the first time you experienced Energy Healing or maybe just reading this when you ere explaining to your children and grandchildren of what Health Care was like only a few decades ago.

Ian Stone – Metaphysician & Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
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