21 January 2009

Why Changing Habits and Behaviors can be Difficult?

Changing habits and behaviours can be difficult because most of our reactions are automatic, let me explain. This is also why many affirmations also fail.

Consciously we process only about 40 bits of information per second, which is not very much , yet unconsciously or as automatic programs, we process some 15 million bits of information per second, a massive difference.

Now many of these automatic programs are our original life programs; for instance, we don't tell our hair to grow or our heart to beat; these and thousands of others happen automatically.

However many are also learned programs; for example, we learn to walk; we don't consciously tell each muscle what to do, this is learned automatic program which runs automatically when ever we decide to walk.

The same happens with most of our behaviors and habits as well as many other things within our life. This is the way we are created, however many of these learned automatic programs are no longer servicing us well.

Yet, they are programmed to run instantly and automatically whenever the same emotions or thoughts pass though our consciousness, even for a microsecond.

To change these automatic programs consciously or by will power can be difficult if not impossible for some, because they are programmed to run 24 hours per day seven days a week with no conscious input. When we try to do this consciously we only consciously focus on the new solution for a relatively short time. This is also why many affirmations don’t seem to work. Have you ever tried affirmations with little results?

So the question arises how can we easily create a change to these programs to serve our current needs or goals? ...

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With Love for I Love You
Ian Stone – Metaphysician & Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
Metaphysical Institute


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

Anonymous said...

Quite interesting and goo info on the link


FutureGirl said...

Hi Ian, wow, I can't believe our paths have crossed! I shall follow your blog with interest, FG ;0)

Your Hypnotist said...

Hi Ian

I agree consciously changing a habit is very difficult. Tapping into the creative or subconscious mind can create change. It's all about letting go and
unlocking your creative mind.
Great article.


Your Hypnotist