06 November 2008

Obama's Election - Collective Consciousness

As an Australian; who loves and respects the every day Americans; not the TV materialistic stereotypes the media creates; we and the rest of the World see a change in attitude not the color of Obama's skin.

The attitude that in their own way, both candidates portrayed after the election in their speeches, that it was time Americans came together and worked as one to solve the significant problems that have emerged from years of selfish greed, celebrity adoration, lack of respect of our planet and an absence of personal responsibility.

The World recognizes and hopes that Obama with his unique perspectives and experiences can bring together the powerful, the disaffected, and those in the middle; not by force but by true leadership of listening, acceptance, compromise and action. Force has never created true long lasting peace; we need love, forgiveness and acceptance.

It is time to recognize that the US, while still the biggest economy in the world today, needs to be the leaders in the Green Movement, not the captive of big US Business.

It is time for all US citizens to learn that the world does not just revolve around America and to learn and understand and accept the needs and attitudes of the rest of the World's people.

Average Americans have voted and many deep down know, and have spoken, that it is time for a change. Because of our collective consciousness, we, the people of the World know deep in our Hearts, this is an important first step.

We congratulate and support America voters and Barack Obama for this change in attitude as we will see it permeate and spread throughout the US and the world.

With Love
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
Metaphysical Institute

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