30 November 2008

How to Change or Stop Behavioural Programs and Patterns Quickly?

I wanted to introduce you to a simple and effective way to change or stop Behavioural Programs and Patterns, this has been for sometime, incorporated into the Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments system simply known as HEART Energy Healing.

This idea was given to me while reading a book, Zero Limits, given to me by my son, it is written by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD about a modern method of Ho’oponopono an ancient Hawaiian process of forgiveness and problem solving.

The original ancient Ho’oponopono Prayer went like this:

Divine Creator, father, mother, son as one… If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives, and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask for your forgiveness… Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light… And it is done.

This is essentially what is done for you at the Spiritual or Energy Level during a Human Energy Assessment Release Treatment, HEART Energy Healing.

A simple Kinesiology technique is used to identify, and assess any negative disturbances or blocks within your Human Life Energy Fields. All Life Programs and experiences are stored within your Aura, which is part of your Soul; this is from the time of your Creation until the present.

A Disturbance or Block within your Human Life Energy Fields causes a defective program to run which eventually manifests in the Physical Body and or Mind thus creating an imperfection that is a malfunction of our created perfection. Any mental disorder or impairment, any form of physical imperfection, sickness or disease, is a manifestation of these defective programs caused by a Disturbance or Block within your Aura.

Once the original cause is identified, the treatment is to remove or release these negative disturbances or blocks. This is a process; to change or remove the original cause; and the learned negative association or meaning; from this negative learning to a positive one.

This new positive association and learning is then updated from this original incident to the present and into the future. The benefit for you is that this particular incident will never again be the cause, to run this defective program, and your Spiritual Side will be restored to perfection.

You’re Physical and mental healing will also take place very rapidly, unless the damage to your physical body is so advanced, that the body’s natural healing ability cannot repair the damage. This is when surgery and other treatments are required.

Now once these blocks and disturbances are removed we still may run Behavioural Patterns and Programs that are no longer desirable or empowering, so we need a simple and effective way to Stop or Change Behavioural Programs and Patterns, Quickly and Effectively.

This incredibly simple method can be applied at any time with or without having had a HEART Energy Healing, however if you are not getting effective results you may have some major disturbances or blocks to your Human Life Energy Fields that is causing a defective program to run; this may need to be released before the unwanted behavioural patterns are stopped or changed.

Let us firstly understand how we, as Human and Spiritual Beings, operate. Most of our functioning is totally automatic it is either part of our original Program of Life or learned actions by our Spiritual or Energy Side, often referred to as our unconscious mind.

Our conscious mind can process only about 40 bits of information every second while our unconscious automatic programs process 15 million bits of information every second. Think of what your body and mind does without your conscious input.

This is also why many conscious creative thoughts and positive affirmation often fail it is because they are overpowered by the automatic programs that run continuously 24 hours, every day.

To change any behaviour or pattern that is no longer useful to us we need to change this at the unconscious automatic or Spiritual Level to do this we just need these 3 simple commands given to our Spiritual or Energy Being.

  1. Please Delete this … Program or Behaviour

(Describe the specific action or behaviour)

  1. Please delete the memory of this Program or Behaviour

(The specific action or behaviour)

  1. Please replace this old Program or Behaviour with this new Program or Behaviour (When replacing it with a new Program or Behaviour be specific)

This appears so simple, but like every thing in the Universe the correct specific methods of doing everything are incredibly simple and effective. Remember ask and you will receive.

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With Love
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments


Sol Danmeri said...

Excellent information.It is amazing to realize that we have 'free-will' that we can choose to do things differently. The ideas that you share are meaningful. I am currently meeting more and more people who are thinking like this. Collective Consciousness is evolving, would you agree?

Sol Danmeri
Oxford/United Kingdom

Ziztur said...

What is a life program?

Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Yes Sol, you are correct there are more high level Souls on earth today than ever before in history.

The reason for this is to raise to level of Spiritual awareness so it is keeping pace with the physical technological advancements.

With Love for I Love You
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
Metaphysical Institute