18 November 2008

Are my Human Life Energy Fields Disturbed and Can I Heal Them?

The Metaphysical Institute as an Alternative Therapies and Alternative Healing Institution gives you information to both understand not only how you health is affected but also simple ways of healing yourself.

To correctly restore Human Life Energy Field interferences it is important to understand when and why this interference started. This information allows us to use a systematic approach call HEART Energy Healing System, Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments developed by the Metaphysical Institute to restore these interrupted fields, in the quickest and most effective way, to give lasting results. Obviously to become a trained Healer you will need to learn how to learn if a field is disturbed. We will only be dealing with, when and why of Human Life Energy Field disturbances.

If you do not feel well, your Human Life Energy Fields are disturbed. Once you have a basic understanding of the mechanisms of these interferences we will give you simple, practical ways, you can restore your own Human Energy Fields.

Aura or External Human Life Energy Fields Interferences

The first is Collective Negative Energy this is basically caused by a large number of people experiencing the same emotion from a single incident. A Tsunami causes massive fear and if it affects a large population. The collective fear creates a Negative Energy Field that spreads around the World and disturbs approximately 80% of people, generally disturbing their Aura which affects the Crown Chakra, very often many of our Chakras as well.

The second is what we call Spiritual Being Interference; you may ask what this is? Let me explain. When a person dies generally their soul leaves the body and goes back to The Spirit World, where they enjoy this magnificent place, reunite with their Soul Friends and evaluate their evolutionary progress. Secrets of Life. However a small number of Souls mistakenly believe they have serious issues and so feel they are not yet ready to return home so they choose to stay in The Earth Realm. These Spirits and Ghosts (see this section for more details) are drifting looking for help and release, in essence they have emotional, Energy Field interferences, which once released or healed, they will go home to The Spirit World. While still on Earth they will on occasions occupy another person's Aura. This has the effect of disturbing the living persons Aura and often their Chakras. If no help comes to the Spirit it will seek out another soul.

For those of you who are more highly evolved Souls, and whose energy centre is nearer to their Crown Chakra, you will most likely get more of these interferences. For the vast majority, who are generally more grounded, with the centre of their energy field closer to their base Chakra, you may feel a sense of sudden tiredness and lack of energy which will hopefully pass the moment the spirit leaves your field. If you continue to feel tired your Aura and Charkas are most likely disturbed and you will need to restore them.

The third is very important whenever we go to sleep, we can become disturbed. Once our conscious mind goes to sleep, which is a vital part of the revitalization of our physical being; this allows part of our Aura to reconnect to the Spirit Realm. Part of our Aura can then leave the Physical Body Aura Field and revisit any place or time it has been before, it does this almost instantly, in the time it takes you to blink your eye. This means that if it visits a place or time in the past, where it had been disturbed before, it will become disturbed again. This is why you may wake up feeling very tired or listless. There is a very simple way to restore these disturbances, which are dealt with in detail at the section, Healing Our Energy Fields.

Other Aura interferences and most are caused by our internal Disharmonious Emotional Issues which will be dealt with later as these issues are similar for both Auras and Chakras. To understand fully, whenever our Aura is disturbed; some of our Chakras will most likely also become disturbed. Now when we restore the Aura, in most cases the Chaka will need to be restored as a separate process. The exception is when you use a simple method we will deal with in the next topic that you can do for yourself.

Because our Aura, of which our Soul is a part never, dies, the memory of any unresolved emotional interferences may still be present from past and our present lives on Earth or elsewhere. As mentioned after physical death our Soul goes back to The Spirit World for debriefing, evaluation and healing, where we resolve most of these issue in the Spirit World. However, we also need to resolve any unresolved issues from Earth, on Earth, in some future life. Many Souls carry major issues through many lives, causing increasingly more severe mental and physical health problems. This is also the cause of hereditary defects that are passed on through generations. If you think of the Aura as the "software" and the body as the "hardware" and if the software is corrupted (disturbed) it may in time affect the hardware, although this is only a relatively small change over many life times it becomes significant.

Why Life Energy Field Healing is so significant and important is because once the corrupted "software" is fixed (disturbed Energy Field is healed) the "hardware" (Physical Body) is created as perfect again in the new life. In many cases this will occur in the current life unless the "hardware" (the Body) is too damaged to repair itself and this is where our Doctors and Surgeons are invaluable.

This is only a brief understanding of disturbances of our Aura and yes using simple processes developed by the Metaphysical Institute that we reveal to you can help you to live life easily and effortlessly.

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Ziztur said...

Have you conducted any trials or research on your specific HEART system?

How do I know that human life energy fields even exist? If they exist, how do I know that an imbalance or interference in them causes bodily or mental illness? Can you measure this imbalance or interference objectively?

How do you know that emotions or bad experiences create negative energy fields? Can this be measured objectively?

Is there a difference between aura, chakras, and human energy fields?

Have we been able to objectively measure the energy interference from ghosts? How do you know they are capable of occupying another person's aura?

How do you objectively measure whether a person i a more highly evolved soul?

I am quite happy you chose to come to my blog and participate in discussion, so I decided to come to yours as well. If this human energy field is as powerful as you say it is, you should welcome the opportunity to convert a skeptic.

Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Thank you Ziztur for your comments.

You have asked some excellent and pertinent questions. To address these questions as a comment, would not do them justice, so I will post answers here as new posts.

With Love
Ian Stone

Ziztur said...

I am surprised that there have been no updates to your blog addressing my questions - I was very interested to hear your responses.

Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Hi Ziztur,

I must apologize for my lack of response to posting answers to your questions.

I have not forgotten, however I have been quite busy and more recently been on a ship with limited internet connection, doing research to add some very important elements to the HEART Energy Healing System Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments.

This also involves computer programs that show up disturbances to your Human Life Energy Fields.

This program and associated equipment will show your condition before a treatment and the changes that happen on both a physical and Spiritual level after a HEART Energy Healing.

With Love for I Love You
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
Metaphysical Institute

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