26 November 2008

Allergic Reactions and Food Allergies – Causes and How to Cure Allergies

Treating food allergies is interesting as it is quite different from what is generally thought.

Let me explain. An allergic reaction is a warning from your Complete Being, but mainly your Aura telling you that you are taking in something, food or pollen etc. that your body and immune system is unable to handle. This is what you would expect, now for the real reason for this reaction.

This reaction is not because of the food or pollen but because of some virus, bacteria or yeast that is in or is associated with this item. Your body is often already being affected by this particular virus, bacteria or yeast and is just keeping it under control.

When your body comes in contact with more of this particular virus, bacteria or yeast it reacts often violently to warn you, your immune system is unable to cope.

To fix this situation a competent Energy Healer can restore all the disturbances and negative programs within your Aura; by finding the original cause and then changing these negative programs to positive. This will change what is being manifested in your physical body. If necessary they will also restore all your Chakras. Then for allergies most importantly they will remove the entire virus, bacteria or yeast from your system and environment.

This will restore your immune system; which is also part of your Aura; to it natural full strength. This will in most cases completely eliminate these allergic reactions.

If you have other similar reactions; there will be other causes which will also be able to be identified and removed using a similar process. With more complicated cases with many of these disturbances; it is a process of eliminating the original cause that is causing each of these reactions.

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