02 September 2008

Truth about Ghosts, Spirits and Angels

Much that is written and discussed about Spirits, Ghosts and Angels is fantasy with just a touch of truth.

There are 3 main types of Human Spiritual Beings, namely Spirits, Ghosts and Angels. The first two are basically the same with a Ghost just having more layers of the Aura present as part of its Spiritual identity. Angels are a completely different Spiritual Being although with the same purpose. There are also other Spiritual Beings that are the Souls of mammals however we will only focus on Spirits, Ghosts and Angels

All these 3 Spiritual Beings basically live forever and existed before they inhabited the human foetus that became a person. They are the Souls of all Humans; their Spiritual Side.

All Souls have different levels of evolvement and personalities and this is exactly what we observe in Humans.

When we, as physical beings die, some Souls, much less than 1% choose to stay in the Earth Realm. These are what we call Spirits, Ghosts and Angels. These Ghosts, Spirits and Angels have the freedom to choose what they wish to do and how they wish to behave, just like any human being.

Some are quite positive and help people others are misguided and make poor choices.

Spiritual Beings are not controlled by any other Spirit or Being, as they have total freedom of choose the same as everyone else; although some may form into groups with common goals or traits, which is no different from when they were existing in Human Form.

Some may identify themselves as witches or some other name, however this is only as description of their actions or groups with which they have chosen to identify.

One thing that happens once they choose to remain here on Earth is they loose contact with their Spiritual Guide which is their connection to their permanent home in the Spirit World.

This means they become trapped here and most eventually spend much time going from person to person looking for some one who can help them return home. To a Spirit there is no time or space, so some have been trapped here for thousands of years.

To help them return home you need to know how to release them and be able to make contact to Spiritual Guides whose job it is to come and guide them home. Most also need some Spiritual Healing because the reason they stayed on Earth in the first place was because they felt unworthy to return to the Spirit World at the time of their Physical Death.

Some misguided Ghosts, Spirits and Angels find some humans that they can influence. These people can be communicated to by these Spiritual Beings and are often deceived by a misguided Ghosts, Spirits and Angels who masquerades as some sort of important deceased Religious Leader or other powerful deceased Identity and uses this deception to have power over this person.

Others spend their time helping and guiding people to live better and more productive lives.

Most people have and will be visited by Spirits, Ghosts or Angels during their life time. Most of these Spiritual Being will return more than once, however if they get no acknowledgement or help they soon leave. Most people are unaware of their presence except they may feel suddenly tired, feel sudden hot flushes, fall asleep instantly while relaxing or watching TV and wake up just as quickly. Some so called sleep apnea is also caused by visitation of Spirits, Ghosts and Angels. However I am not suggesting that all the previous symptoms are caused by Spirits, Ghosts and Angels visits, because some are caused by documented physical health problems

Most Spirits, Ghosts and Angels just want help, to return home, although while they are seeking this help they can inadvertently disturb the Life Energy Fields of many Humans when they come into the presence of these peoples Aura’s.

This will sometimes cause discomfort, pain or ill health. Permanently removing these Spiritual Beings and having you Aura and Chakras restored is the best solution if you experience these symptoms.

With Love
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
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SandmansAngel said...

thank you! you have a well researched and fact based structure. this is honest and direct information written in words of truth. thank you!
with one more curious thought of mine satisfied, there is room for more and more......