18 September 2008

Feeling Sick or Unwell, is Anger the Cause?

Anger like all other emotions, are an important part of our survival mechanism. Anger is a very important emotion because Anger is something to get us to take action, this is good however emotions also are a learning process.

If we learn a negative association with anger it will create a program or pattern that will start every time we think or feel these emotions of anger and any other emotions that can be associated with the original incident that created this program or pattern.

What most people are not aware of is that this negative program or pattern has far more detrimental affects on how our complete physiology, it creates a disturbance or block in our subtle Energy Fields that surround and run throughout our bodies.

Most people have heard of the Aura and Chakras these become disturbed which in turn over time can affect our Health because anger is associated the liver if the liver is not working correctly over a long period of time our general health is affected.

This is a simple example however when we hang on to anger we also have other emotions and these will disturb many of our other Chakras and many other organs and functions within our bodies.

To correctly deal with emotions is to acknowledge you have had an emotional experience. Then you need to create a positive association or to find a positive association with these emotions and then you say to your self I let go of these emotional feelings. If you do this you will not create these negative programs.

If you are aware that you have these negative programs or patterns from past events or incidents you can remove them by following the same action and change the meaning of these programs from negative to positive and restore the Life Energy Field that were disturbed due to association with this incident.

If you feel unwell, lacking energy or feel ill you may wish to visit a competent Energy Healer who understands this and can identify and remove these negative programs or pattern for you. This can be done as distance healing and is painless.

You will feel fantastic because we will not only remove disturbances from Anger but also Grief, Fears and Phobias, Envy, and disturbance from Absence of Love. This will be achieved in one session which comes with a complete satisfaction money back guarantee. Why not give a HEART Energy Healing a try; to feel total peace, be re-energized and improve you health and well being. You will be amazed and overjoyed with the results.

With Love
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
Metaphysical Institute


Anonymous said...

I was extremely sceptical but had many problems and thought I've tried other things and nothing has really worked. What have I got to lose i can always get my money back.

I did not understand what was done or how Ian could do it over the phone but I felt peace and a lightness coming over me.

He did much more than I expected and explained every thing before hand and as the healing was done.

I am feeling great now full or energy and many issue that were bothering me seem to be gone.


Connie Baum said...

I am happy to have found you! This is so beautiful. I work as a volunteer with imates of a state prison and every one of them is suffering from hearts that have been wounded. Healing comes simply, but not necessarily easily. We are in Earth School and the lessons are not always easy. I shall add your blog to my blog list. THANK YOU.
Virtual Hugs, {{{}}}
Mother Connie
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Torilink said...

I believe that resistance in any form is the cause of all illness & disease. This may be anger but it could certainly be other forms of resistance also.

Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Thanks Torilink, you are correct the resistance as you call it does come from other areas.

This resistance is a block, disturbance or negative association that alters the perfect balance of our Human Life Energy Fields.

It can come from external sources; the main ones being other people, other spiritual beings, natural disasters, wars or human action that inflicts pain and suffering on many others.

However most of the resistance or disturbances comes from within. The 5 major emotions that cause this resistance, in order they should be examined are Grief, Anger, Envy, Fear and Absence of Love. These five are the basic emotions from which all other are derived.

Identifying and removing or cleansing these emotional disturbances will prevent illness and disease before it is manifested in the physical.

If the disease or illness has manifested in the physical the action of removing or cleansing the resistance or disturbances will immediately allow the bodies natural healing to begin.

This not only helps the physical body to recover but also heals the Soul or our Spiritual Side, this is the real benefit

With Love

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