15 August 2008

Ghost & Spirits - Upsetting Olympic Sports Performances

While watching the Olympic swimming on TV during the week a very uncharacteristically poor performance by our Australian champion Libby Trickett caught my eye.

Interviewing her immediately after the event she appeared totally unaware of why she had not performed to her peak. He reaction was like a total blank.

This got me thinking and checking her Energy Fields. I found out immediately that she had a Ghost in her Aura, although she was totally unaware of this Spiritual Being disturbing her Aura.

I immediately removed this Ghost and returned it to its rightful home in the Spirit World.

What I am going to explain now is going to be unbelievable for some and will surprise many.

Let me explain a Ghost Spirit or Angel is just the Spiritual Part of a dead person that has chosen to stay around Earth rather than be guided to return to the Spirit World as 99.9% of Spiritual Beings chose once their Human Physical Part dies.

To have a Ghost, Spirit or Angel visit you is generally a fairly common practice. They visit many people looking for help. Many are trapped around our Earth wanting someone to release them. As most people are unable to help them and generally unaware of their presence they stay a while and leave and visit someone else.

They will often revisit people 10 to 20 times a year. For most people the affects are minimal. A hot flush like feeling, sudden tiredness, cramping, a strange unsettling feeling. Others people who are more aware, can often tell when a Ghost, Spirit or Angel come to them, some feel even severe pain, other just uncomfortable.

Anyway getting back to the Olympics. Because of the Libby Trickett incident I decided to check another swimmer The Frenchman, Alain Bernard who had a commanding lead in the Men's 4 x 100m Relay and was swum down by Jason Lezak of the USA to win the Gold Medal. On checking Alain Bernard, he also had a Spirit in his Aura during that final leg.

These are just two incidents but show how performance can be adversely affected particularly with athletes where 100th of second can create a great the difference in the result.. There was nothing these athletes could have done to prevent these occurrences. It was just chance.

Whenever Australians are abut to complete, I will check them, if I'm watching and have found the odd Spiritual Being, which I remove, before the event without them being any wiser.

With Love
Ian Stone - Founder of HEART Energy Healing System
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Anonymous said...

This does make some sense because I have had times when I just felt not quite right for some reason and my performance was down, yet a few days later I was in top shape again.

Karen - 1500m runner