16 July 2008

Law of Attraction - Why Do Thoughts and Emotions Affect Our Health?

Background to understand the circumstances of this particular patient, whose health had been adversely, affected, mainly by many Spirits, Ghosts and even from Physic Attack. This had the effect of causing constant stabbing pain though out their body, making normal everyday living very unpleasant.

After applying the Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments System a HEART Energy Healing was done to remove the Spirits and Ghosts and restoring Life Energy Fields, and the Aura and Chakras. Then discovering that they we having Psychic Attacks and applying Energy Healing to the instigators of these Psychic Attacks, this stopped these external disturbances.

These external disturbances abated, however pain could still come. Upon checking this was assessed as mainly coming from the normal negative association to emotions, that occur when we have never released these negative emotions. This is the most common form of Life Energy disturbances. That we all experience throughout our life. These are often the cause of sickness and ill health

Advice given you can all use.

These latest disturbances are all being caused by negative emotional associations from experiences you have had during this life. However they are at a Spiritual or Energy level. Mostly to do with Anger, if you feel anger you will become disturbed and feel pain. I have corrected and restored all them.

I appreciate they feel the same or similar to what you have felt from Spirits, Ghosts and Psychic Attacks. Since I performed HEART Energy Healing on those who initiated the Psychic Attacks, there have been no more of these. Also you have been free of disturbances from Spirit Beings like Ghost and Spirits.

When you feel pain or a disturbance, try to determine which of these emotions you are feeling. Grief, Anger, Envy, Fear or Absence of Love, and it will probably be more than one.

Then acknowledge you have this emotion, ask your Spiritual side to find a new positive meaning for what was the original cause of these emotions. Then just say; I let this emotion go. This will immediately restore your disturbances from this incident.

If it does not completely relieve the pain, just go through the process again. Ask your spiritual side does it know what is causing this disturbance? Then ask it to find a new positive meaning. Then just say; I let these emotions go.

One of the hardest things is to stop is focusing on what you don’t want; by looking for pain or disturbances in your body. (I know this from experience) We are restored and feel good; but because in the past; we have had pain again soon; we look for it, almost expect it.

This is a normal reaction; however what ever we focus upon, we attract. In the past many of your disturbances have come from external sources and this has made you angry at a Spiritual Level. You now need to let this go at a conscious level; I have removed this on a Spiritual Level; because now they are mostly coming from Internal Sources.

This does not mean this is happening at a conscious level; generally this is at an unconscious or Spiritual Level. But if you focus on them they become a conscious thought. All thought is creative whether positive or negative and begins an attraction process. We need to practice how we think until it is a habit.

This takes some work, we need to be aware of what thoughts are coming and going in our mind and weed out the negative ones. This is why I am constantly recommending The Master Key System

With Love
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
Metaphysical Institute


Seth Garrison said...


The road to mastery and healing lies in changing our perspective of these negative energies or blocks into positive learning experiences.

Great post from the H.E.A.R.T.

Offered with love

Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Very true.

Thank you Seth