14 July 2008

Energy Healing for Sports Injuries

Before I understood Energy Healing or created the HEART Energy Healing System I had a small number of injuries that showed up while participating in sporting activities. I wish I had known the power of Energy Healing at that time.

As an age Triathlon competitor I have had Achilles tendon injuries in the past and they take a lot of rest and exercises to heal, using conventional therapy. This process took 4 to 5 months before I could resume full training.

However after I discovered how to heal my self using Energy Healing, I had another Achilles injury a little worse than the first incident.

Using the information learned from energy healing I quickly removed the original disturbances and restored all my Aura and Chakra Energy Fields and a few others like my Core Star and Hara line. With in 3 days I was walking 300 yards and running slowly 100 yards and then restoring all my Energy Fields. I repeated this procedure gradually increasing the distance and doing the energy healing if necessary.

Within 7 days I continued this 3 to 1 walking and jogging gradually increasing the distance until I was able to jog continuously with no walking or pain and then gradually increased the running speed and distance. I was completely recovered in less than 3 weeks with no other treatment and able to return to normal training. This is the power of removing the original cause and restoring Life Energy Fields. Energy Healing happens very quickly and generally eliminated the reoccurring of such injuries. I have since discovered there is always a cause and an affect.

If we are alert we can remove the original cause before the injury manifests; although you will need to learn some basics or consult a reputable energy healer.

With Love
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
Metaphysical Institute

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