02 June 2008

What is Metaphysics, will Metaphysics benefit Mankind?

This science of Metaphysics and the understanding of Metaphysics through Epigenetics; will bring about major break throughs; between the interaction of human energy or our spiritual side and the physical body. This new understanding will bring about the greatest advancement in Health Care and Human Consciousness over the next 30 years.

The reality of our spiritual side together with the advances in scientific research into all the minute details of DNA, genes and chromosomes of the physical side of human beings will inform and enlighten scientists and spiritualists alike as they begin to understand and research the relationship between the human energy or spiritual and divine aspects of humanity and how they alter the physical structure of our DNA, genes and chromosomes through the science of Epigenetics

Most people are aware of the amazing break throughs in the understanding of DNA and the mapping and recording of genes and all the minute details of how are physical bodies are made up. The combination of this has lead to great advances in medical technology mainly through the use of drugs and chemical and surgical methods of prolong life.

However why is it that a transplant from a young and healthy person has such a limited life in a recipient whether young or old compared to the normal life of the donor? Is this because the Human Energy and Life Energy Fields are disturbed and this program is still running altering DNA, genes and chromosomes, manifesting and corrupting the physical body; with the original problem that necessitated the transplant in the first place.

Are we solving these problems of good mental and physical, preventative, health care or are things deteriorating in our sophisticated western society?

With all the investment and research in Health Care as a species are we getting sicker or healthier and happier?

Do we have more problems with depression and mental health in our developed sophisticated societies?

When we look at the big picture with all our new knowledge and scientific break throughs we have made major advances but we are still treating the problems after they have occurred we have forgotten to look at the source of the problem and develop adequate preventative programs and Preventative Health care.

We have for almost a century gone along a chemical path forgetting totally that we have a divinity that is pure Life Energy. This divine or spiritual side of us is more important than the physical because all disease or sickness whether physical or mental first appears as a disturbance in the spiritual and life energy side of us before it manifest in the physical.

The science and study of these phenomena has barely begun; compared to the chemical and drug research; however research proving this relationship has been carried out in recent times. Some References of Research by Gloria Alvina and BioEnergy Fields Foundation - Dr Valerie Hunt detailed in her book Infinite Mind - Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness work done by Barbara Brennan School of Healing and her books Hand of Light and Light Emerging - The Journey of Personal Healing. On going developments and work by Dr. K. Korotkov - Research and many others.

History has documented millions of observations of miracles, non chemical cures and therapies; yet these are generally ignored or dismissed by the main stream medical and health industry.

The Metaphysical Institute studies focus on the spiritual and energy elements of human beings and how they affect the physical. By energy healing or removing the disturbances in human energy fields begins the natural healing of the body. The most common and known energy fields of humans are the Aura and the Chakras see Human Energy Fields for more details. The lesser known and understood are the Core Star and Hara Groups. All these affect our well being both mental and physical and how we react to others.

We can improve health dramatically by checking and restoring disturbances using newer development like the HEART Energy Healing System, Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments. This in many cases can prevent a disease or illness from manifesting. In the past the research to prove this has been difficult to prove however with advances in instrument technology and computer software that can measure and display physical changes as Life Energy fields are restored will bring to the scientific community proof of the truth of these statements.

Ian Stone - Founder of HEART Energy Healing System
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
Metaphysical Institute
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Anonymous said...

This is quite informative I will keep an eye on it

Healing the Body said...

Absolutely agree. We are experimenting on Cathetel with the healing energies of colours, combined with meditation. There is a lot more to our Universe than we think, be we cannot tap into it readily, until a lot more dedicated researchers are found.

Tarun Deep Singh said...

I have written a book, Man Is A Thought.


This work tries to establish relationship between scientific theories and theological beliefs. Author explores if thoughts, their behavior, existence and interaction with mind can be explained with in scientific domain.
Further to this, book also provides insight that why artificial intelligence fails to mimic man's ability to think, what limits rational intelligence to attain the status of pinnacle, how thought space can be perceived by humans etc.

At the end it has been suggested that it is a new beginning for mankind. And I reach at a point where I say:

"A man is an oscillation of an image of thought in Real Time Space."

Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Man is a thought, this is literally the truth.

Our thoughts are creations and these creative thoughts are manifested to create all that we have in this material world in which we live.

We are all Spiritual Beings which are manifested into Humans. Both the Spiritual Being and Human Being were created by the thoughts of other Spiritual Beings.

These thoughts are subatomic light energy particles which contain the programs of life.

All that we see, was a creation, a thought.

Each race on mankind and species of animal is a separate creation, however this creative process evolved from simpler creations to more and more complex creations.

The most complex created life on Earth, is mankind, who can in their own right, also create with their thoughts.

With Love for I Love You
Ian Stone – Metaphysician & Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
Simple ways to Heal Your Human Life Energy Fields
Metaphysical Institute