10 June 2008

What is Metaphysics and how Epigenetic studies will change Health Care forever?

Metaphysics comes from two Greek words translated as “meta” meaning “after” and “physis” meaning “nature”. The term nature in Greek has two meanings, the first “the sum total of natural things” and the second “the principle or source of natural things”. Metaphysics goes back to Aristotle, who believed a better definition of “physis” was “the essence of things which have a source of movement in them.” Metaphysics is then the scientific study of the source or essence of the sum total of nature. The Source is this original Energy or Spirituality and Nature being all things, as they are in the Physical or material world. Therefore Metaphysics is the science of reality, the source of nature, transcending the interaction between the Energy or Spirituality and Physical or Material.

This understanding of Metaphysics with more discoveries to come in the more recent field of Epigenetic studies; will bring about a major break through; between the interaction of human energy or our spiritual side and the physical body. This new understanding and evidence will be the greatest advancement in Health Care and Human Consciousness ever, as it is revealed over the next 30 years.

The revealing of the reality of your spiritual and energy side, together with the advances in scientific research into all the minute details of DNA, genes and chromosomes of the physical side of human beings will inform and enlighten scientists and spiritualists alike. As they begin to understand and research this relationship between the human energy or spiritual aspects of humanity and how they alter the physical structure of our DNA, genes and chromosomes through the science of Epigenetics

Most people are aware of the amazing break through in the understanding of DNA and the mapping and recording of genes and all the minute details of how are physical bodies are made up. The combination of this has lead to great advances in medical technology mainly through the use of drugs and chemical and surgical methods of prolong life.

Why is it that a transplant from a young and healthy person has such a limited life in a recipient, whether they are young or old, compared to the normal life of the donor? Is this because the Human Energy and Life Energy Fields of the recipient are still disturbed?

Consider Life Energy Fields as the software program that creates changes to the physical body. When this program is not perfect it is creating a less than perfect physical body. With disturbed Energy Fields, an imperfect program is still running altering DNA, genes and chromosomes, hence manifesting and corrupting the physical body, even after a transplant, creating again the original problem that necessitated the transplant in the first place.

Are we solving these problems of good mental and physical, preventative, health care or are things deteriorating in our sophisticated western society?

With all the investment and research in Health Care as a species are we getting sicker or healthier and happier?

Do we have more problems with depression and mental health in our developed sophisticated societies?

When we look at the big picture with all our new knowledge and scientific break through, we have made major advances, but we are still treating the problems after they have occurred we have forgotten to look at the source of the problem and develop adequate preventative programs and Preventative Health care.

We have for almost a century gone along a chemical path forgetting totally that we have a divinity that is pure Life Energy. This divine or spiritual side of us is more important than the physical because all disease or sickness whether physical or mental first appears as a disturbance in the spiritual and life energy side of us before that is manifested in the physical body.

The study and science of these phenomena has barely begun; compared to the chemical and drug research; however research proving this relationship has been carried out in recent times. Some References of Research by Gloria Alvina and BioEnergy Fields Foundation - Dr Valerie Hunt detailed in her book Infinite Mind - Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness work done by Barbara Brennan School of Healing and her books Hand of Light and Light Emerging - The Journey of Personal Healing. On going developments and work by Dr. K. Korotkov - Research with instruments that reveal real time changes in Auras and other energy fields on a computer screen. Along with many other emerging studies.

History has documented millions of observations of miracles, non chemical cures and therapies; yet these are generally ignored or dismissed by the main stream medical and health industry. Do you know of a person who has recovered from a serious health problem when their Doctor gave them no hope, is something being missed by the main stream health industry?

The Metaphysical Institute studies focus on the spiritual and energy elements of human beings and how they affect the physical. By energy healing and removing the disturbances in human energy fields this begins the natural healing of the body. The most common and known energy fields of humans are the Aura and the Chakras. The lesser known and understood are the Core Star, Tan Tien, Hara Line, Soul Seat and Intentionality Point. All these affect our well being both mental and physical and how we react to others.

Newer Energy Healing developments and systems like the Emotional Freedom Techniques, HEART Energy Healing System, Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments, Qui Gong, and Theta Healing to name a few, can dramatically improve your physical and mental health by removing disturbances and restoring and balancing your Life & Human Energy Fields.

Healing and restoring of Human & Life Energy Fields in many cases can prevent a disease or illness from manifesting in the physical body. In the past the research to demonstrate this has been difficult to prove, however with advances in instrument technology and computer software that can measure and display physical changes as Life Energy fields are restored will bring to the scientific community proof of the truth of these statements.

This technology will open the way to more research on the affect of changes to Life Energy Fields and how they change blood, tissue and even DNA, genes and chromosomes. Once this is widely accepted the World Heath focus will progressively move to prevention and treatments that find and remove the original cause.


Francis said...

If I understand what you are saying is, that Health problems show up in the Energy Fields first and if fixed you will not get sick. Won't the drug companies try to stop this?

Torilink said...

The beauty of epigenetics is this, we can change ourselves from the inside out - this is now scientific fact!
Not long ago scientists believed we were locked into our DNA and that our physical life was written prior to birth - but now we know that is not so. Scientists still aren't sure what causes some dna to turn off and other to turn on to dramatically change & effect our health & physical body - yet it does. They like to stick to causes such as nutrition and other outer causes but I suspect it will not be long until they discover it is not only what we eat but also what we believe, what we think, and even how we emote.

In a meditative writing session I was fortunate to receive much information on this subject and I'm extremely excited by it.

Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Thanks Torilink it is exciting to know that by simply removing or cleansing emotional disturbances we in fact alter our DNA.

Thank you for continuing your good work in informing others and spreading the good news.

It is also even more exciting to understand that by just asking in the correct way we can also make these changes and other changes to DNA.

This will become one of the simple natural ways we reverse birth defects, change genes and affect healing.

A word of warning it needs to be done from a base of inspired detailed knowledge, as incorrect changes can cause disastrous results

With Love