06 May 2008

Life: Are We Alone?

Hello all, in my work at the Metaphysical Institute, with energy medicine and Life Energy Fields; I remove energy disturbances from both past and present lives. These blocks are healed from the time of the original incident and then all the Life Energy Fields; namely Aura, Chakras, Core Star and Hara Group are healed and restored. To determine the causes I ask yes and no questions of their spiritual being and find the correct answer using a kinesiology technique.

On many occasions I have been asked to heal individuals, which I don’t know, by my Spirit Guide. I always ask if this person is man or woman; because there are slight differences in the healing technique used for males and females and on a number of occasions the answer is neither; I soon determined these beings as non human or aliens; you heal them in the same way.

Also recently from Jan 08 through to early April 08 our Earth was being bombarded by Negative Energy coming from 2 different locations within the Universe. This is the first time I have experienced this form of External Negative Energy that emanated from specific locations in the Universe. These Energy Clouds were formed by thousands of Spiritual Beings non human or alien beings from two different parts of the universe.

Normally most collective Negative Energy is basically caused by a large number of people experiencing the same emotion from a single incident. The Cyclone and Tsunami in Burma caused massive fear and it affected a large population. Other causes are wars or mass murders or any man induced mass fear. The collective fear created a Negative Energy Field that spread around the World and disturbs approximately 80% of people; generally disturbing their Aura which affects the Crown Chakra; also very often other Chakras. This is the normal example of external negative energy from somewhere on Earth.

We at the Metaphysical Institute remove these negative energy clouds from the earth realm and heal individuals that are affected. Typically this negative energy lowers the immune system meaning you are more susceptible to viruses, diseases and sickness. Other symptoms are anger, tiredness and difficult to concentrate etc.

From my searching and experience there are definitely other places supporting life with virtually identical Life Energy Fields as us although many are at various levels of evolution; many far more advanced than us.

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Ian Stone

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