29 May 2008

How Kinesiology can work in day to day life

Kinesiology, saves time and can be used in every day life. A friend, had just given me a lot of information to look up and research and this is part of my reply. It is a bit chatty but gets the message across.

Thanks for all the information, you have been busy and your effort is much appreciated, I have a busy schedule today but I will check out all the links and information using my kinesiology technique.

I simply ask a few questions like, is this information something I should read or learn about? If the answer is yes. I ask, Is this something I should read now? etc. Then I will get a priority list this saves a lot of time and effort. These are the same type of questions that I ask to determine what links go on my site.

This reminds me as today is our wedding anniversary and last year we were celebrating by having dinner at Langtry's Restaurant at the Cadogan Hotel, built in 1887 in London off Sloane Square I think this is in Knightsbridge. It was during this trip around the world that opened my mind to the power and use of kinesiology for every day functions.

As you travel, you are unfamiliar with local products, restaurants, hotels etc., it came to me why don't I just ask. As we were on a budget, I would walk down the aisle of Sainburys checking out the best value wine that would be of the quality we would both like. If I asked if it was only for me I would often get a different wine. This is very cool to be able to select a wine with our opening the bottle, interestingly I have never had a bad wine using this technique. Wine is a hobby of mine and it is quite expensive in London.

It takes some practice to ask specific questions and you need to understand where the answers are coming from, you are wanting the answers from The Creator or your Spirit Guide, not from some other part of yourself. Enough of this topic.

Another thing that happened on this trip that had not happened to me before was; in different parts of the World I could be walking down a street and my Energy Fields would become greatly disturbed. I would feel great pain in my body, anger and fear; on checking I found emotions like Anger with the Creator or Universe ( I use God for myself as I know who I am referring to; however as God is also a generic term it is not used in the Spirit World, and many people are mislead by some misguided Angel or Spirit Being, using this term, to influence people on Earth, Sorry for the long explanation) and Fear of Death.

I would heal myself but this would only be temporary so after more questioning I found out I had been there before in another life and often died violently. This trip was actually the catalyst and initial learning that guided me to the HEART Energy Healing System, Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments.

Sorry about the dialogue. The research I am focused on at the moment is the conventional Medical Research with some spiritual aspects. Particularly what are the physical changes that happen with the blood, does the DNA change, what are the time frames etc., when people’s energy fields are restored. Do you know of any research like this. If you have mentioned some references, I apologize as I have not gone through all the information you have mentioned yet.

Your generosity in supplying all this information is much appreciated. I have observed we always find immediate affinity with people whose souls are at similar levels of evolvement, and little with those who are more than a couple of levels different, either higher or lower.

Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments

Metaphysical Institute Main web site

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